Premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation gives many men a big deal of self-doubt. Actually, one man out of three complains that they ejaculate too quickly. Of course, sometimes their fears are groundless, as many women try to avoid prolonged sex sessions. Even if a man is not excited about going all night, he will probably need to continue more than three minutes! Thus, if you are convinced that you do orgasm too quickly, there are several quick fixes. Naturally, they all reduce your pleasure. You can try either wearing a condom, or applying special sprays to delay the climax. You can also try masturbating before going on a hot date. Having ejaculated once in a day, it takes longer to cum a second time.

Still, there are other ways for improving men's sexual experiences. New amazing mens experiences can be enjoyed if you learn to control your orgasms. Men's expanded orgasm is the ability of a man to have two or more orgasms without a rest period in between, and to sustain an hard-on between orgasms. The trick lies in the ability to have an orgasm without actually ejaculating. Studies have shown that a man can have a full orgasm, accompanied with rapid heart rate, contractions of muscles and the sensation of ejaculatory release, without an genuine ejaculation. This phenomenon has been known to many eastern cultures for hundreds of years, as evidenced by tantric books. There are several methods by which men can get multi-orgasmic.

The simplest technique is known as a Finger Draw. This method uses three curved fingers to pressure one spot on the perineum at the point of no-return. Place the pressure point at the area between the anus and the scrotum. Apply pressure to the perineum with three slightly curved fingers as soon as the ejaculation is imminent. This method should be initially practised during masterbation because it is not easy to find the right spot. When you find the spot, don't expect a miracle to happen instantly. This takes time and patience. But it is still worth the trouble.

Some men train themselves to get orgasm without ejaulation by pulling back at the last possible second before ejaculation. Do this piece masturbating. Continue stimulation to the point of imminent orgasm. Then you should stop and not resume stimulation until the decline of your excitement level. With regular practice, you should be able to experience the contractions of orgasmic discharge without ejaculating. Another method needs strong pelvic muscles which can be achieved with practicing. When the ejaculation is imminent, stop thrusting the penis. Pull back to approximately one inch of penetration without entire withdrawal of the penis. Flex the pelvic muscle and hold to a count of nine. Alternately, turn the pelvic muscle nine times in quick succession instead of holding the count. Resume thrusting shallowly and repeat as often as necessary until you experience a multiple male orgasm. Try each of these techniques to find the the most suitable one, and remember that the best thing you can do during sex is have fun and enjoy what you're doing!

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