Impotence and erectile dysfunction surgery

Among the most effective impotence or erectile dysfunction treatment methods, surgery occupies a leading role. Although some men are reluctant to try such a procedure and prefer to deal with their condition with other treatments, erectile dysfunction surgery is a procedure that has very high success rates. There are three main goals of erectile dysfunction surgery: to block blood flow leaking from the penile tissues, to improve blood flow in the penile area through arterial reconstruction, and to implant devices that cause the penis to become erect with sexual stimulation, thus eliminating impotence.

* Erectile dysfunction treatment with implanted penile devices

One of the most effective forms of erectile dysfunction surgery is represented by different implants. Also known as prostheses, they can improve the condition of men diagnosed with impotence or any other erectile dysfunction. There are some potential problems with implants, mostly related to infection or breakdowns. However, these problems are virtually eliminated by modern penile implants. Erectile dysfunction surgery and the use of implants to cure impotence are a serious option, especially for patients who have aggravated erectile dysfunction problems.

* Inflatable implants and their effectiveness in erectile dysfunction treatments

The insertion of inflatable implants is also accomplished through erectile dysfunction surgery. The implant is actually a pair of expandable cylinders inserted inside the penis. A surgically implanted pump and some channels leading to the cylinders are also part of the treatment. The cylinders are inflated by the patient, who presses on the small pump, usually located in the scrotum. Many patients prefer to have erectile dysfunction surgery and implant such a device, which helps the penis adopt as very natural state and achieve a good erection, diminishing the negative effects of impotence.

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