Erectile dysfunction and smoking and alcohol

Smoking is not a great cause of erectile dysfunction

Among other negative effects that are more pronounced and have better distribution rates due to anti smoking campaigns we will also find erectile dysfunction. But can smoking cause erectile dysfunction? Studies show that the answer is no, however, with the mention that smoking does help other erectile dysfunction factors manifest themselves. Smoking and erectile dysfunction are related in the sense that different normal body functions are gradually affected by smoking.

So, in conclusion, although smoking and erectile dysfunction are related, smoking is not the main cause for this problem, rather it is a negative factor that helps other impotence triggers manifest themselves.

Erectile dysfunction and drinking go together

Alcohol, generally believed to be a stimulant, is actually a depressant of the central nervous system, brain and spinal cord. Because alcohol suppresses inhibitions it can lead someone to believe he's the world's best lover.

Erectile dysfunction and alcohol were identified by Masters and Johnson as a common factor in impotence. Alcohol is also a factor in loss of sexual control or premature ejaculation. Any amount of alcohol before sex can spoil a man's erection and ruin his ejaculatory control. Up to 80 percent of men who drink heavily are believed to have serious sexual side effects, including Erectile dysfunction, sterility, or loss of sexual desire. Over a long period of time heavy drinking can destroy testicular cells leading to shrunken testicles. Alcohol can suppress testosterone by suppressing the secretory activity of cells.

More erectile dysfunction treatment resources are available by browsing through our articles and tips - learn more about male impotence, erectile dysfunction treatments and ways to deal with this condition.

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